“Everyone Deserves To Be Safe”

ARC Architects….since 1976

ARC Architects was chosen to provide the design for our new 52 bed confidential emergency shelter and service center.  ARC focuses on designing environmentally responsive buildings that reduce resource use and utilize healthy, recycled and renewable materials.  Our principal architect Stan Lokting has been involved with every aspect of our project, from early visioning sessions through design, construction and occupancy.  

Common Ground…since 1980

Common Ground helps fight homelessness by creating and preserving affordable housing.  They have partnered with DVS providing high-impact consulting services sharing our vision for a safe haven for those affected by domestic violence and their children.

Abbott Construction…30 years strong

Abbott Construction Inc. was chosen in February 2013 to be the general contractor for the remodeling of the new DVS - 52 bed confidential emergency shelter and service center.

Abbott Construction has been a general contractor since 1983.  Headquartered in Seattle, Abbott also has regional offices in Los Angeles and Portland.   Abbott Construction places an emphasis on safety in the workplace with their Accident Prevention Program.  All Abbott employees complete an in-house OSHA 30 training course targeted specifically to the type of work Abbott performs.  Each new employee also attends a safety training orientation prior to working on a job site.  We are proud that Abbott has an excellent safety record at our job site to date.

Our Progress!!!