Safety Plan

Plan ahead:

  • Develop a plan with your children
  • Arrange to have a place to go
  • Make copies of important papers and hide them
  • Have available important phone numbers
  • Pack and hide an overnight bag
  • Put aside money, spare keys, and other important items

During an incident:

  • Call the police for help (dial 911)
  • Get out if you can
  • Bring important items
  • Avoid rooms with only one exit
  • Avoid the kitchen

When you've decided to get out of an abusive situation, but stay in your home:

  • Change the lock, secure doors and windows
  • Arrange to have someone stay with you
  • Change your phone number
  • Obtain a Protection Order
  • Notify trusted friends and family

At the workplace, school, and public places:

  • Inform your work, daycare, and schools
  • Change your daily routine
  • Plan ahead for unexpected contact with the abuser