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Need is outpacing capacity

Domestic violence is more than a moment of physical abuse. It is excessive control which leads to illness, hoplessness, homelessness,loss of work and lives in crisis. 

For more than three decades, DVS has provided comprehensive services to help domestic violence victims and their families rebuild their lives and find safety.

ARC Conceptual Rendering

Each year, an increasing number of women, men and children from every corner of Snohomish County seek DVS as a refuge from ongoing physical and mental abuse, and as an ongoing support system for putting their lives back together.

Although more than 200 adults and chilren annually find refuge in our Emergency Shelter and hundreds more are served through our Legal Advocacy Program, community support groups and Crisis Hotline, a staggering 1,350 victims were turned away during 2010. (DVS does everything possible to ensure a victim in immediate crisis has safety and shelter.)

From fortress to sanctuary

DVS has been selected as the recipient of a 3.1 acre site.  We have begin the remodel of the three existing buildings on the site to house the agency Service Center, a 52-bed confidential shelter, and children’s center. Twenty units of transitional housing is planned for phase II. 

The property has been deeded to DVS at no charge.

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